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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Rock and Roll Diary: The Brutality continues....

Sadly, due to a number of guitar related issues, we are officially 4 hours over our recording budget with 1 track still needed vocals and a number of other touch ups needing to be done here and there.  We've got the time and $$ to make this happen, but it sucks watching the cost of recording skyrocket before my eyes.  But at least we all know how things will be when we go to flesh out our full length down the road.  In hindsight I'm honestly going to blame a lot of this on the fact that all of us have recorded exclusively with 4 piece bands in the past and underestimated how long recording 5 people would take.  Live and learn I guess. 

Anyways, I've been sending random pics from my phone all week, but have also been taking some with my real camera.  Here are some of the least bad ones.......

My Premier Signia Special Edition Maple Kit in all its Glory
 So the above picture shows you some, but not all, of the mics that went into this.  The setup was too elaborate to get everything in a shot, so there are still 4 or 5 mics that you can't see.

Sound Checking

New Pork Pie Percussion Big Black Snare

My favorite trick for adding little cymbals without getting new stands, a DW boom stand with a boom arm and puppy bone added

Sexxy kick pedal and cable spaghetti

Ian (bass) working on his Gwar costume

Joe lays down guitar tracks, Brad clomps things

Hoagy hard at work.  Ahh the life of a lead singer.

Session's over- your humble Dethtron packs up

As a bonus, if you made it this far...... I give you an initial test mix of a completed song.  I'm not sure how I feel about this mix yet.  I need to listen to it on something other than my laptop with Beats headphones, as some settings are fucked on my sound card.  I'm liking it, but am slightly worried that the guitars are a little heavy in the mix.

Engine Face TEST MIX 10-07-10 by dethtron


Mike and Jeanine said...

Your band's channeling of motorhead is VERY solid work. I really enjoy it. I'd buy it.

The vocals sound 'tight'--like the singer is constricting his diaphragm too much. I wonder if it would sound more natural if he relaxed and let his muscles out a little bit.

Brent said...

That sounded great.

My uneducated opinion was the guitar sounded about right but the vocals were a notch too high. That beats the reverse, so no biggie.

I listened to it from my computer; maybe that's it.

Keep these coming, DT, I'm enjoying seeing this glimpse. Feel free to take pictures of hot groupies too - that's rock and roll, right?

Lauby said...