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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

FNIF: Extra Innings is up

I just wanted to update everyone quickly on a few things. Since I've had/am having a busy week.

  1. Finished mixing the Crusader sessions last night (only 15 hours over-budget, thanks to our recording engineer being very generous with a few things- should have been 20ish hours over in reality).  I'll post final versions of the first two songs I put up in the rock and roll diary series later tonight because...
  2. Have a managerial financing exam tonight- should be a joke, but am still compelled to study
  3. participated in some 40k this week for the first time in too long.  Got to thinking about the next "game breaking" IG list and think I'm getting close to revealing what will become my main tournament army
  4. getting 2 super special HoP posts ready to roll- one is a hobby article by me and the other is an interview with a well known gamer about his sweet ass army.  Those will be out over the next week and a bit.
  5. Went to a pumpkin patch and saw a civil war reenactment with Hoagy, Dr. Girlfriend, and Hoagy's fiance, son, and mother-in-law.  Good times were had by all and Uncle Dethtron taught Hoagy's spawn some bad habits- win!  There will probably be some pics up on Hoagy's When Cannons Fade shortly. 
  6. Last but not least, the newest installment of FNIF: Extra Innings is up on BoK in all of its ill formatted glory, check it out.  But seriously, if any of you word press users can figure out why the fuck it jams a bunch of shit that I had properly spaced together, I'd appreciate a heads up.


Anonymous said...

For some reason when I read "Hoagy's fiance, son, and mother-in-law" I read it as if those were 3 adjectives describing the same person.

Can't wait to hear that sweet music!

- Zheilt (sorry, can't log in to blogger at work)

DFM said...

hehe, Evil Uncle is alwaays fun.

Get a little kid in trouble with his parents and marvel at just how much they wanna see you/hang around with you.

Brent said...

DT: I've learned it's best to copy the stuff over then highlight it and 'remove formatting.'

It can be a pain to put the formatting back in - especially for you... in may not work out - but it's what I do.


Anonymous said...

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