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Friday, October 8, 2010

Friday Night Internet Fight: Results Show- Rounds 30 and 31

It seems as though I forgot to post last week's results.  Whatever, it was a busy day, as that's when I started recording.......  Luckily I was kind enough to myself to accidentally leave the closed poll up all week so I can just lump the past two fights into one post.  Booyah!

Round 30
We had a pretty damn big turnout for this one, with 76 voters contributing.  In the battle of who is less of a jerk in the realm of pivoting to "gain extra movement" there was a pretty clear cut winner.  Corrode roped in 42% of your hearts and minds, just by making sense and adhering to what's written in the rules- something which too many posters seem to neglect in life. 

15% of you liked Frosty for talking about real world tanks to get his point across and even bringing video evidence to the table.  I'll have to admit that this is one of the only times I didn't want to punch somebody in the dick for comparing real life to 40k (or vice versa).  Additionally it would appear that 18% of  you are getting sick of arguments about and perhaps the entire concept of WAAC gaming.  You can lump me in that category as well.  The next few posts will hopefully not really invovle this topic- I think it needs a rest.

There were some other votes in there as well, but due to how long ago this fight was, it's barely relevant to discuss the minutiae.

Round 31
In the case of ZombYes v. Everyone else, it looks like the ravaging hordes of the un-undead have prevailed.  Fueled by rumors that pretty much every Dark Eldar unit will be able to take long ranged poison weapons, the entire Internet went into panic mode.  Thank god some level headed people in the YTTH comments section were able to finally bring some sense into the equation.

Sadly, though, I feel like I'm preaching to the choir here to some extent- or at least to the 55 of you that voted.  Fuck, I think that the votes even show this; we had lowish turnout and 41% of you would rather go club baby seals than give a shit about the fight.  In more "tell me something I didn't already know" news, Tarik clearly summed it up perfectly and sarcastically and managed to eke out the win among participants with 36% of the vote.  If I really must confess, Tarik's post was 90% of the reason I used this thread for FNIF.  In other obvious news, it would seem that even I don't see a connection to the works of Jonathan Ames and the fight- I think it maybe had something to do with his writings about being an amateur boxer and obsession with fecal humor, but really I think I just watched too much Bored to Death last week.  Meh, whatever, it's my blog things don't have to make sense.  In any case, the good news is that only 3% of you were with the Internet Chicken Little majority and feel that poison weapons en masse will shatter the already shaky game system.

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