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Friday, October 1, 2010

Rock and Roll Diary: Sneak Peaks

It's been a long, yet surprisingly fun day for me.  I got all four of my tracks knocked out in the studio in slightly less time than I was allotted.  Set up was a complete bitch, but I think it will all be worth it when everything is mixed.  Our producer says I had $17,000 worth of mikes hooked up to my shit today.  That kind of blew my mind.  It's always depressing blowing 2+ hours of studio time on setup and level checking though. 

Anyway, my hands feel like they've been run over, trampled, and then run through a wood chipper, so I'm just about done typing.  Below I'm going to post 2 tracks from the day.  Bear in mind these are VERY VERY VERY early mixes.  Nothing has really been eq'd, had effects added to it or been particularly cleaned up.  My takes have been edited together into a final rough mix and that's it.  There hasn't been much studio magic yet and my kick sounds really weird since it's been eq'd (ok so some things have temporary eq on them) to cut through better so everyone can hear it.  The guitar was laid down yesterday by Joe and while it is super helpful to have a scratch track, there are many parts that will probably sound off to you.  Rest assured, my shit is pretty much spot on with the click track though (metronome).  If you don't know how albums are recorded here is a basic order.  A quick throwaway guitar, vocal, or bass track is laid down set to a metronome.  The drummer then plays over that, again along with a metronome.  From there the "scratch" guitar or whatever tracks are removed and the rest of the parts are layered on.  we got rhythm guitar done on one track tonight, but I don't have any of that available for your perusal.  If I get a chance I'll post these same two songs with more stuff mixed in tomorrow, so you can hear how things evolve.

Up first is the ep's title track: Knights of the Templar.  The guitar at the end was way off, so it was cut out of the rough mix, so just imagine that it's there.  Actually listening to it now, the guitar is a little off throughout, but the end was especially not good.  Again I will remind you that this is a very rough mix and only barely represents how the final product will sound.

03 rise of the templars unmixed by dethtron

Last but not least here is the as yet still untitled song about Vikings that I had previously posted synth parts for. This should song more metal than the all synth mix :)

04 untitled unmixed viking shenaniga by dethtron


jcroxford said...

I like! Can't wait for the completed versions.

fester said...

What he said ^

Sounds great.
Will get added to my playlist if I can get my grubby mits on a copy.

Dave G _ Nplusplus said...

That's some great stuff, I can't wait to hear the final versions. Are there vocals?

Papa JJ said...

Nice work so far! I'm sure all the time to setup will be worth it, too. As shitty as it is considering how expensive studio time can be, it's still a lot better than having to redo something because of a minor technical problem that was missed initially. I hope the rest of the weekend goes well for you, good luck!

Dethtron said...

glad you guys are digging it so far. I can't wait until all of the recording is done on sunday.

Lot's to get done before then, though- 2 guitars, bass, synth, and Hoagy's vocals all need to get recorded. ...and I'm off to studio. possibly with donuts.