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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Rock and Roll Diary: Iron Forge

You can almost taste the maple shells and gold hardware- would you believe this kit's 14 years old?
I was planning on returning to writing about gaming today (I still might later), but Hoagy just sent me another test mix 12 minutes ago- I've now listened to the song 3 times, so that's how I know so specifically :). Apparently he finished up his vocal takes last night under the radar. 

Unlike the last "finished" song I posted, this sounds a lot more like the rest of our material.  "Engine face," previously posted, was written in the very early days of the group, so we're probably retiring it soon.  It's fun as shit to play, though, so we wanted to record it for fun and posterity's sake. It will not be making it onto the full length album, sadly.

Anyway, here is the test mix of "Iron Forge" including the controversial new chorus*.

Iron Forge by dethtron

*for an early demo featuring the original chorus, check this shit out, recorded 6 bass players ago when we were a 4 piece with a different name....


DFM said...

seriously, Fuck blogger for it's inability to post picture responses.

Like the new chorus but,


Hoagy said...

Yeah, the Unicorn was retired, in te interests of it being a (semi) serious release :) It'll still be there for live shit though... See, you're an original fan, Joe, so you're privvy to the in-joke that others probably won't get lol!

Mike and Jeanine said...

Sweet! How did you get Blue Oyster Cult to do your background vocals?

Seriously though, solid song. Still think the singer is pushing nasally too much. All mouth, no lungs.

jcroxford said...

Great stuff. I can't wait for the finished album. How will it be released? Are you going to be selling it on your blog?

Dethtron said...

4 track EP should be out in December, just in time for XXXmas. It'll be released on CD and iTunes at the least. From there we'll be farming it out to labels and hopefully get somebody else to pay for the recording of our full length due out some time after we record it.

Hoagy said...

I'll give you all mouth and no lungs! :)

I'm not sure what you're getting at, I control my breathing...

Still, I can only do what I can do.

clt40k said...

Dig it... the bass really reminds me of Iron Maiden's "The Trooper"

Don't know how much I dig the double ending though... I think you could leave it out.

Overall the sound reminds me of Iron Maiden and Tyr...

DFM said...

"And on vocals, We have "No Lungs" Hoagy"

Couldn't resist.