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Friday, October 22, 2010

FNIF: Round 33 Results Show

For a while there during the first couple of days it was looking as though there might be a 4 way tie for winner amongst the participants.  That didn't last long though, as we all learned something and "Not going back to that Forum Any Time Soon" Pulled out way into the lead with 33 or the 64 total votes (51%).  If this thread was evidence of what business as usual looks like over there, that might be a safe policy. 

Amongst the fight participants, RedsandRoyals somehow managed to prove to be the least moronic of the lot with 12% of your votes. I am still shamed and astonished by this.  Trickstick and dedrier managed to pull some respectable numbers amongst the rest of the buffoons with 10% and 6% of the vote respectively. 

I think if nothing else, this fight has proven the value of having somebody in your forum who has at least read the rulebook all the way through and knows that GW publishes FAQs for all of their codices. 

1 comment:

SandWyrm said...

Hey, what ever happened to the round 32 results show? I demand my ego-stroke! ;)