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Thursday, August 5, 2010

New Logo Contest

Those of you that have been here for the duration of this several month long hellride may remember me mentioning at one point that my logo and layout were all temporary.  Here we are 3++ months later and I still have the same old shit* gracing this space.

Time to change all that.  The thing is I suck at art.  I'm ok at painting minis and all that rot, but when it comes to drawing something or photoshopping shit together, I fail at life.

This is where you come in.  If you have any abilities at all (no matter how bad they are- actually sucking might be a bonus), I want to see what you can do.  Send in your logo submissions to sodoffdethtron@gmail.com and I will post them for everyone to review.  The winner gets the super amazing prize of being the new logo.  Tits!  I'd like to keep the logo design in the same vein ::facepalm:: as the current one.  Several people, including myself have talked about incorporating a flamer template.  That could be an idea to run with.

Also if anybody is good with layouts and has a snazzy template they think might spruce things up around here, let me know. 

Since I'm likely to not get any submissions- Fuck you all in advance ;P

*no disrespect to Lauby who did an awesome job designing the temporary logo, but it's time for something more "finished" feeling.


The_King_Elessar said...

Hrmm...I think a penis should be in there somewhere...and David Bowie.

There was a picture from little-known British comedy Nathan Barley where Bowie was peeing into a toaster. That, with a flamer template to replace the urine.

It's avant garde, risque...and a dick move(literally), wrecking a toaster.

Brent said...

I'm going to try my hand at it...

Zheilt said...

If this were any other site than Dethtron's own, I would think this the perfect target for Project Mayhem.

Von said...

Why let that stop you?

Anonymous said...

You could always "borrow" BoLS' template...without all teh gay-o ads that is.

And if anyone knows how to superimpose a penis ONTO a flamer template that would be boss.

Logo Design Canada said...

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Dethtron said...

Hmm Logo Design Canada- something tells me you are not actually Canadian. Or a person.