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Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Continuing saga of the DJ

Haven't written since Monday, for which I do apologize.  Basically I have been sleeping since then after what started out as the first really bad seasonal allergy attack I've had in years turned into a wicked summer cold.  Watching the mucus pouring from every orifice on my face slowly turn from clear (allergies) to green and brown (cold) over the last few days has been great.  So, not feeling the energy to blog, I just kept active on a few conversations regarding the would allocation explosion.

I think I've made my thoughts on the matter quite clear, giving specific reasons I don't feel that iamaddj's opinion was valid, but will recognize him for being a surprisingly good sport :).  Other's have said that it doesn't matter if his opinion is good or bad, it's sparking a discussion.  These people will then reference the now 500+ comments on the original BoLS article.  Comment count is all well and good, but much like post count in a forum, it doesn't necessarily indicate validity or show that people are thinking.  One needs to actually go and read the comments to see what type of discussion is going on.  Dive into that thread and you're going to mostly see people trolling each other and making fun of the post.  Great discussion there.  Now a few people do agree with the OP and voice some concern about the rule.  Again, I made my points very clear regarding slowing the game down, being realistic, etc so I will just say that everyone is entitled to their own dumbass, wrong opinion.

To catch up on the drama Check out the links below.  I also understand that TKE will soon be making his triumphant return to blogging after his holiday (or vacation if you speak American) with a never before seen quadruple snowmobile of the offending post.  I think a new name is warranted for this feat.  I suggest the triple Lindy.

Kirby snowmobiles iamaddj

Mkerr snowmobiles the lot of them

...and to answer your impending question, no I don't know what FNIF is going to be yet.  I probably won't decide until right before I publish it.


Damon said...

Holy Groupthink, Batman! What is up with all the BoLShit spewing from the BoLS Superfriends? Marvinddj opens his mouth and gets into trouble because he's a useless turd what else is new. Suddenly the entire team from Bushido Red Vulcan to Aquamkerr have to rescue him from Dethtron and the Bloggers of Doom.

Even iamaddj laughed off the attention. But an attack on one BoLS author is an attack on all of them! They claim to be mature grown men, but they act like a pack of spoiled rich middle schoolers who can't figure out why money can't buy them love.

I suggest a new regular feature for this blog: BoLShit Exposed. Lord knows you'll never want for material.

clt40k said...

"They claim to be mature grown men, but they act like a pack of spoiled rich middle schoolers who can't figure out why money can't buy them love."

That was golden... and I'm totally stealing this....

The_King_Elessar said...

Yes indeed! I plan to type that bad boy through my 4 hour train journey on Tuesday. I know, I know, it's torture to wait...