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Monday, August 30, 2010

HOP's First Article, Self-Promotion, and Self-Loathing

Today sees the first actual article being posted on the House of Paincakes blog.  It's from Kirby, and I think you'll all like it.  There will be a link below.  Actually, half of Kirby's first article is up, to be more correct.  We split it in two at the last minute- shit was long, yo. 

Just to update everyone, the HOP is still moving along at a pretty good pace.  This week will see us working with a daily post schedule.  If you're interested in writing for he HOP, e-mail us with your ideas and we'll see what happens. 

In other news, my second FNIF: Extra Innings went up on BoK and nobody seems to have noticed :(  Please go check it out and comment so I can stop feeling bad about life.  Thanks to Brent for being the first and only commenter thus far. 

Here are some links for you guys:

Kirby's Article

FNIF: Extra Innings


Alex said...

I read extra-innings on my iphone but was too lazy to type out a comment with my tiny touch touch-screen keyboard. I'd make a smart-assed remark about self-pity, but its Monday morning and I'm fucking tired.

Papa JJ said...

Thanks for the reminder about extra innings, I just got back from vacation and am thankful I did not miss out on that one. Daddy Troll has enriched my life.

Von said...

Not only did I leave you a comment which has apparently been swallowed by the Internet since this morning, I also wrote a bolt-on snowmobile of my very own because your scorn was so refreshing.

Mercer said...

Dude you want any posts for HoP? I do have a few which might be of interest.

Brent said...

That song is going to be my new theme music!

Seriously though (I'm never serious), I've never heard of Sisters of Mercy before. Thanks for turning me on to that.


Lauby said...

mercer - hit us with an email so we can begin discussing. Dethron's email hsa been borked all week.