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Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday Night Internet Fight, Round 25 Results Show

Another week has gone by and with it another fight has entered the annals of history. With a total of only 60 votes, this fight was down a little from the norm (high 70s+).  No worries, we'll get them next time.  More importantly, we're back to normal with nobody winning the fight.  Kraken got close with his 18% of the vote, but could not compete with the non sequiturs.

We had a tie for the winner at 26% each.  It was conclusively proved that, in spite of a noble effort, Brent is not Cormac McCarthy and that many of you clicked on the e-mail about the spider and never came back.  If I didn't have to write the damn thing, I probably would have never returned from that e-mail either; that guy can troll.  Keeping with the fight's pervasive nautical theme, 21% of you thought that all of the participants should be sent to Davy Jones' Locker.

Activity Time...  As you all chomp at the bit over this next hour or so While I finish FNIF round 26, here are some things you can do.
  1. Check out and join the House of Paincakes
  2. Read up on the forthcoming movie based on Cormac McCarthy's novel Blood Meridian.  Fun fact: the film's director played 'ol Drippy on Aqua Teen Hunger Force
  3. Check out the David Thorne (the Australian responsible for the spider e-mail) website.  Note, at the time of writing, the site was having DNS issues, but should be up again some day.

1 comment:

Brent said...

I should have whore'd myself more. I didn't even mention it, since I looked to be in the lead.


I guess I'm not Cormac.