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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Dethtron Sells Out or Buys In or Something

Not getting enough FNIF in your diet? Some kind of crazy glutton for punishment?  Well have I got just the thing for you. After weeks of strong negotiations, I have entered into a multi-million dollar contract to bring my new series, Friday Night Internet Fight: Extra Innings to Blood of Kittens.

The first one is up now. Like right here.

Here's an excerpt to get your taste buds going....

‘Why extra innings?’ you ask. Well because when it’s 4th and goal with seconds on the clock and you’re 10 points down you’ve got to reach down inside yourself, give it 110%, and sink that corner kick is why.


k.Blas said...

I hate with 110% certainty when people use the "give it 110%" speech.

Fuck off you 110%-er.


Zheilt said...

I honestly don't feel very good about this Dethtron. Part of the charm (and safety) of this blog has always been your strong Chaotic Neutral stance.

You and Brent both. Surely you must realize the amount of discord that this fellow causes in our little blogosphere. By allying yourselves with him, you're moving away from your neutrality.

It's your blog and you will do what you want (and honestly, I'll still come here just as regularly) but the whole thing makes me uneasy and I felt like it needed to be said.

Dethtron said...

Z: I appreciate your concern. Food for thought though (to support my chaotic neutrality of course, lol). I have openly supported YTTH on a number of occassions. I don't see a tie to somebody on the other side of things as any different. If anything, I'd like to think that this adds to my neutrality.