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Monday, August 16, 2010

Mathelete of the Week: Sepharine

It's been a while since we've had a mathlete of the week here on Dick Move, but the mathematics community has been very quiet in the 40 Universe lately.  All you kids must not want to talk about how awesome math is during your summer breaks or something.

Sepharine has managed to write a pretty good article about Math for 3++ without really including any math- and for that we salute him.  His post, Mathhammer In the Warhammer Community, stands as a cautionary against over-relying on mathhammer as it will let you down in time.  Keeping with my overarching theme of my love-like* relationship with mathhammer, I couldn't agree with most of what he's said.  Hell, he even brings up a topic that I've yet to see anywhere else on this subject: Diminishing Returns.  I don't know if given the small numbers you'll see in most Warhammer analyses this really comes into play, but it's interesting to check out.  In practice it looks like when you're dealing with a handful of guys shooting or saving or what have you, this will really only swing your probabilities around by a few percent, nothing too major.  Now if you're playing a green tide, this is something you'll need to pay attention to.

Sepharine promised to come back with some real math later.  I'm looking forward to it something fierce.  I'm waiting for the day that somebody busts out linear regressions to prove something- will you be the first?

P.S. In an unprecedented move I will be back this afternoon for a rant.  Something has gotten me incredibly worked up and I feel I have to say something.  Hint:  it's BoLS.

*Kind of like a love-hate relationship, but more just that I really like math but am afraid to commit.


The CPT said...

Oh, oh, please let the BoLS rant be about the "WAAAH Wound Allocation is unfair" article.

Damon said...

Both of those guys's whines are shittastic. Please somebody do us all a favor and take his whiney ass behind the woodshed.