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Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday Night Internet Fight, Round 24 Results Show

It's been quite a while, but we have an actual winner from last week's fight.  Given the level of insanity, derailment, and general discourse on the topic of tentacle porn*, I was very curious to see who would win out.  Honestly I just assumed that, like most weeks, "whoever wins, society loses" (15%) or the most absurd answer- in this case "I think you can shake an enema" (22%)- would draw votes away from the actual participants.  The absurd answers are like the green party of FNIF after all. 

With a great turnout of 79 voters this week, it is with great pride in my heart that I congratulate Molochi for capturing 32% of your hearts, thereby winning the fight.  I guess this goes to show that if you can do it in a clever enough or endearing enough way, trolling is pretty hilarious.  Speaking of which, bushidoredpanda managed to get a 10% share of the market and proceeded to make a jackass out of himself elsewhere.  For evidence of that, please see everywhere on the Internet.

Round 25 is coming up.  Until then: I just realized I don't have a catch phrase for signing off.  Worst newscaster ever.

*I have a friend, Anatoly, who claims that years ago he saw a vendor selling live action tentacle porn videos at Chicago Comicon.  He has yet to provide proof of this.

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