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Monday, August 23, 2010

The House of Paincakes is Now Open for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

That's right, there's a new blog network in town, serving up piping hot portions of pain daily.  Perhaps you've heard vague rumblings about it all ready.  Maybe you've even seen the logo.  Well we're happy to announce that it's now open for business.  The House of Paincakes blog network is here to make sure that all of us finally get the opportunity to promote our blogs.

There's a lot more to be said about the network than I can fit in a reasonable post.  Sufficed to say that as the site owners, Lauby and I, are very excited about what's to come.  If that's isn't enough, go check out our vision.  We've got loads of top secret plans for the near future and the long haul to grow this thing beyond it's humble roots.  More than anything, though, we're looking forward to promoting your blogs, hobby events, and community.

For information on joining the network click the link above to the site and poke around or go straight to our code of conduct and then join us.  Of course if you like what you see, be sure to spread the word.  We'd appreciate any publicity to help get this off the ground.

Looking forward to the Future....


GMort. said...

I passed your stringent entry criteria yesterday, so apparently you need to tighten up your screening process...

I'll do a post on it later so all 19 of my followers can rush over and have a look ;-)

Any other kind of help you need?

Jason said...

Just so I am clear:

Based upon the Code of Conduct posted at the IHoPain website, all blogs listed therein will still pretty much be "family," but writers get to swear.

And there will be no "support" (i.e. advertisers) on IHoPain, unless you get some advertisers, at which time you'll notify the readers of the advertisers, which is pretty much the point of advertising.

Dethtron said...

Jason: Just so you're clear- a good chunk of the blogs we've already signed up (nearly 30 in only 12 hours or so of operation) couldn't be placed on other blog networks. I could give a shit if you're familiy oriented or like to swear, this network doesn't discriminate because there are bad parents out there who don't know how to monitor their kids' time on the net. It is simply a place for ALL tabletop gaming blogs to find representation. That, as far as I know, is a complete break from the tradition of every other gaming network that is still around.

I'm also pretty sure that I made it clear that we won't be doing advertising for anybody in a traditional sense. That's more than can be said about any other big blog/network out there. Ican't count how many times I have seen somebody get accused of posting shit content to drive page views to drive revenue. Without having revenue this can never be fairly said about the HOP. What part of "you will never see an ad banner on HOP" didn't you understand?

Just so I'm clear: You were just trying to be a troll, right?

Jason said...

Deaftron: No. No troll here. Just curious, sorting out how the IHoPain will be different from other blog lists. From the Rules page you guys posted, it seems you all have done a good job of laying out bannable behavior. I'm all in favor of those guidelines, but in truth, it seems swearing is the only "fringe" behavior allowed.

Dirty pictures, too, I suppose.

I understood the language about ad banners perfectly, but you also intimated the possibility for other forms of "support." If you get donations that stay anonymous and with no strings attached, good on you. That's just not a model that's been successful in the past.

Best of luck to you and yours in the endeavor. We should have more avenues of speech and I celebrate the choices IHoPain are making, just like I celebrate the choices of the other blog networks.

Dethtron said...

glad to help you understand and apologize if I came off as a little harsh, I'm in full on super passion mode about this right now. It's been an exciting day....

to further clarify, I don't personally have problems with any behaviors that don't violate our "code of conduct." This isn't an open invitation for everybody to start posting tub girl pics or anything, but if you somehow found it relevant to post a nudie pic or something have at it.

on ads here's a potential example: the possiblity exists that companies may want to donate product or something in order to get a review. If this were the case we would need to develop a policy of using the product for review purposes and then getting rid of it. After a fair and balanced review, including full disclosure that we received product and what we intend to do with it, any remaining product, would be used as some type of incentive (contest prize, etc). Obviously that would work best with model kits, cases, etc so paints, glues, etc would probably just be disposed of.

We're probably going to promote some stores and webstores down the road, but do not have the intent of charging for said services.

but I ramble. have a good one and enjoy the network....

Sorrowshard said...

I am so 100 percent behind the add free thing , amongst other things it makes your blog look shit.

have some pride !! and a pain-cake

Joined today

happy to have done so , must just figure out how to put a banner on it somewhere tasteful on my blog.