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Friday, August 6, 2010

Friday Night Internet Fight, Round 22 Results Show

It's Friday again.  Time to loosen your belts in preparation for choking down another steaming pile of FNIF before throwing caution to the wind and streaking Lauby's No Pants Fridays.  But first we have to get this little formality out of the way and announce the "winner" of last week's fight.

If you guessed that nobody, as always, would win the fight then you guessed right.  I'm frankly a little sad this week since we had another super-mod attack and one of my favorites, Nosferatu1001 (4%), give BlackBlowFly (1% from his own vote I'm assuming) one of the best one line digs I've seen in a good long while.  With a total of 72 votes this week we're continuing to see pretty good voter turnout.  If I wanted to increase it I'd probably have to start pandering to the elderly, but do we really want to deal with Woody Herman (if I had a dollar for every time I had to play that song at a senior center I could probably go buy a sandwich) and Spike Jones jokes?  How about this one?  'What's the deal with bowel movements.  It's like I keep taking my fibre suppositories but you still only come once a week.'  Well Seinfeld I am not....

Back on track, Kirsanth and Insaniak ( both with 20%) fought it out bitterly to snag the #2 slot in the fight, but were unable to defeat the Juggernaut that is "the next person to quote the dictionary gets punched in the dick," which racked up a staggering 41% of the vote.  Stay tuned and we'll get you this week's fight shortly.

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