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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Rock and Roll Diary Part II

Had a fairly  boring day on the music front.  Due to my getting ahead yesterday, there wasn't a lot to be done.  I got my drums tuned where I want them.  Thanks to recording the head tensions prior to changing heads yesterday, though, it took me longer to set everything up than it did to tune the drums.  My Premier kit has always been exceptionally good at holding its tuning, so I'm not worried about them slipping out of tune between now and Friday, when we start recording, or even after I start playing them.  Just in case, though I have a printout of my head tensions stowed in my snare drum case.  Additionally, I have a spare head for every drum now, because of yesterday's almost unwarranted change.  I've never broken a tom head in 20 years of playing, but I do periodically blow out snare heads, so it's nice to have a good extra handy.  I hit fairly hard, but mostly use my wrists and fingers, like you should, so it's not so much the power of my playing that busts heads as it is the fact that I crank my snare way the fuck up to get the sound I like. 

Finally, you may have noticed the bad ass artwork up top.  That is going to be the EP cover.  We commissioned an artist to paint that for us about a month ago and he brought that to us in record time.  I almost got sex wee all over my leg the first time I saw it.  This is probably the first time that I've been truly happy with album artwork on any of the 5 or so albums I've been involved with in the past. 

PS, to clarify some questions/statements from yesterday regarding the demo backing track I put up.
  1. Sounds Symphonic- what I posted was just strings and a couple of odds and ends (chimes and a filtered synth).  This will be low in the final mix, adding depth to the 2 guitars, bass, drums, and vocals.
  2. Doesn't sound metal- see above, but also note that we have a far more classic sound than what's big with the kids today.  I like a lot of the more modern stuff just fine myself, but I'm becoming increasingly disillusioned with the studio magic that goes into producing a lot of that stuff.  Faking drum parts, over producing everything, and pitch correcting vocals is not only unimaginative, but takes away the human element of the songs.  In short, we're less Dragonforce/Dimmu Borgir and more Iron Maiden/Judas Priest/Motorhead/Bolt Thrower/Cathedral


Lauby said...

I just did actually get sex wee on myself. the cover art is fan-fucking-tastic!

The Antipope said...

Good luck with the recording. It can be a daunting task but as long as you can sit back and relax you can really enjoy it.
Plus it's very easy to fix any mistakes in the drum playing during the editing phase.
Cool cover art too.

Brent said...

I'm looking forward to hearing it. I'm a huge Iron Maiden fan, so I dig the comment.


I lived in England growing up. They're always great in concert. They've never, ever sang a love song.

That's metal.

SteelandDoom said...

Ha-ha! Bolt Thrower.

@Brent: I'm pretty sure Aces High counts as a love song. At least it does for me.
<3 Spitfires

Dan said...

That is such a badass cover. I also love your focus on old style metal. C

Loquacious said...

Hey, it wasn't a criticism. It was just an observation. I personally enjoy the more musical/technical metal artists than the "Cookie Monster" guys.

I'll give it a big old school nod. I was thinking The Sword-ish, but Iron Maiden and Priest are perfectly good sounds to go for as well.

Thanks for sharing!

Papa JJ said...

Great artwork! Good luck to you and Hoagy this weekend, I hope the recording goes well and everyone keeps their sanity. Are you going to record all the drums first?

Randroid said...

Cover art is great. Reminds me of Hooded Menace/the blind dead style.

The logo is a bit .. bland. Then again I am used to sick death metal logos so what can I say ...