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Friday, September 3, 2010

Friday Night Internet Fight, Round 27

If you had asked me this time yesterday what the FNIF what going to be about, I would have told you it wasn't happening.  I'd been dealing with my cable Internet being down for nearly 2 days followed by a day of my modem being responsive for about 15 minutes every hour.  Hence my general lack of presence on teh intertubez this last week.  But, the problem appears to have been on my ISP's side rather than a problem with my modem, and everything is working fine now, so we'll just move on.

With zero ability to scout out anything this week and a complete lack of any desire to deal with iamddj's latest literary abortion, dashofpepper's 1,000 page completely self-serving rant (and even longer follow up comments), or give any further lip service to Zingbaby being the biggest ballbag of a user on BoLS, I had to turn to other sources this week.  After trolling Heresy Online for a good hour or so last night (and searing my eyes in the process- again, fuck you to white text, black background), I didn't come up with anything- except some useful information about Ogre Kingdoms and the Empire that should give me something to think about.  Seriously Heresy, your arguments are too god damn civil.  Every one says thank you in your rules debates- seriously, who the fuck does that? 

Thankfully, the story does not end there.  Some time around 3:00 am, I stumbled across a space wolves rumor thread that broke out into insults and a pissing contest of sorts.  I found it pretty amusing.  I don't know that you will, be fuck it, this is as good as it gets with zero time to prepare.  So sit back, grab a beer, and prepare yourself for Librarium Online's Thunder Wolf Cavalry News and Your Not Going to be Pleased ~shit, I almost corrected the mistake in the title by accident.

As always, none of the names have been changed to protect the innocent, but their avatars have been for my own amusement.  There's a poll at the top right side of the screen where you can pick this week's fight winner.  My own input will be snowmobiled into the conversation, which has been edited to provide a readable flow with no regard for timing of posts, etc (hey I'm like the Michael Moore of blogging).

antique_nova- I have been reminding myself to get this news up for some time, but i keep forgetting.  ~ooh, this seems like it will be timely and topical

The second wave of space wolves, well the TWC specifically has been stalled for months due to GWS waiting for the Canis wolfborn sales to drop as they are the money that is stopping the second SW release from coming out.  ~I could tell you how full of shit you are here, but I think a few people will be doing the job for me shortly All info is from a friend who talked to one of the sculptures of the models. ~I seriously hope that your "friend" who talked to the sculptures was tripping balls on shrooms at the time.  I can't remember if he was the head of the scuplting project for that model, but this source is from gws themselves.

I had an idea, since no one except adults turn the canis wolfborn models into TWC, the adults can literally control the market. ~I'm trying really hard, but I'll be buggered, I can't figure out what the fuck your point is here.  Are you suggesting that people with cash to spare are buying up all the Canis models to make TWC and should stop so that GW is forced to release a TWC kit?  ...cuz that's like the dumbest fucking thing I've heard all day.  I would rather say no more unless i get into trouble for helping to rally and ignite, as well as carry the momentum, ~I don't think you'll have any problems with that, as no one in their right mind would rally behind you. the war against gws and forcing them to release the plastic TWC cav.

Oops did i say plastic? I can't remember if they were plastic or not, but i got this news about half a year ago or more.  ~so highly doubtful and based on shit information from forever ago.  Nice....

antique_nova ~seriously people, for the love of all that is unholy, stop signing forum posts.  We know who posted for fuck's sake.  Your avatar and name are at the top
Kai-Itza- Us adults don't "control the market" as you would assume, ~hey I have an idea.  Let's speculate more on where GW's sales are coming from without any demographic research data to back up our claims.  I believe that sentient plants are responsible for over 15% of GW's sales, making the largest buying group after the mentally ill (13%) we just have cheaper way to make models such as the TWC ~Wait, what?!?  I can tell you read the OP's shit, but I have serious doubts that you fully understood it, and what war? We won't branish pitchforks, hurl petrol-bombs or burn car simply because we don't like them! We're not in the Dark Ages here, GW gave use contact details in very issue of their catalogue magazine and on their website of us fans to contact them with queories and/or suggestions and GW answer/consider/reply to them. Even though GW does often ignore our pleas ~antique_nova, is this your buddy who took all those shrooms and tried to hold a conversation with that statue?
Lord Borak- To be fair, most things are plastic nowadays unless it's single Models/Monsters. GW rarely, very rarely, make 'monstrous' units like those in Metal nowadays. ~except such recent examples as half of the new Tyranid units Minotaurs, Rat Ogres, Blood Crushers are all Plastic so in my eyes TWC were always going to be Plastic.

Not trying to blow the wind out of your sails there Antique. Cheers for the info anyway. ~that's like saying 'hey thanks for waste all of my time with that made up horse shit you posted'
The Paint Monkey- I'll file this away with Antique's other rumours. ~Zing!  I don't know what else to say.  I don't have much context for that, but I'm going to assume that was a nice cheap shot.
Stormchaser- GW were waiting for the Canis Wolfborn sales to drop a year an a half ago? ~no, but they were waiting for you to learn how to read, idiot Wow, that's quite something. Especially since that model hasn't been out for a full year yet. Clever of GW to get sales for a model that isn't even out yet. And in my experience, Canis Wolfborn doesn't sell that well anyway ~here would be a great time to BRIEFLY state what that experience is.  Do you own a store?  Redshirt?  Making up facts based on mindless speculation?  I'd have to guess the latter.
antique_nova- Lord Borak: Your ~your, you're, too, to, two, were, we're, its, it's... oh my fucking god how hard is it? probably right and your not blowing the wind out of my sails. That was the part that i couldn't really remember.

I don't quite know how to comment to both paint monkey's comment and stormchaser's comment. Is that good or bad paint monkey?

Stormchaser: Who knows how gws think and we don't have the sales sheet in our hands so we can only look at it from a limited number of view points. Apart from that i don't know whether to reply negatively or positively to your comment.


Kai-Itza- He means that he doesn't trust the rumours that you post here, as so far they have all been proven false or so sketchy that they cannot be believed. I must agree with The Paint Monkey, unless I see something concrete about this rumour, I'm going to ignore this just like every other false rumour that you've posted ~if I had to guess I'd say that you're one of those types who has a difficult time with punch lines in jokes, aren't you...
Heriodule- Erm no antique thats not possitive... ~it's positively negative Stormchaser is saying that your rumour makes no sense, but has read it slightly wrong. He thought you said you recived this news a year and a half ago, which would be impossible, as the book and model had'nt been realeased.  ~methinks you also have difficulties with humor However implying that your information was given to you 3 months after the inital release of the book makes it suspect in itself, id be very surprised if GW decided to delay the launch of what will become one of their most anticipated kits based on sales from a peirod of space wolf fever.

And think for a minute, that logic simply does not make ANY sense at all. For one Canis wolfborn is not selling faster or slower than any other model in GWs range ~yay, more speculation... many people think it an incredibly ugly model, and its not like its the must have unit for space wolves that you can shove into every list every time.  ~granted the OP has a hard time stringing words together into coherent sentences, but he was trying to imply that sales are high with canis (totally almost wrote cannabis there....) because they're being used by rich "adults" to make TWC conversions.  So I don't think you really got that

Secondly why would GW delay the release if its selling well? Thats a sign that people WANT to buy thunderwolves (if its true), meaning GW could make more money releasing the kit, and making TWC afforadable for everyone. ~see the above comment.  Also review information about product life cycles.  Why the fuck do you think they release models in waves anyway?  If they put everything out at once they wouldn't maximize profits on a single kit.  There would be too much competition across the product line for all kits to sell as well as they could if released separate from each other.

I wouldnt put any stock into what youve been told at all, the SW second wave will come, and my guess would be spring time, between the release of the GK and the necrons. Possibly with the tyranids in their aswell.
veringmeier- i've got to say, there aren't going to come any TWC in this year. ~before making fun of your syntax I looked up where you're from, but you've listed "Fenris" as your location.  I'm going to guess that's somewhere in Germany, though, because you clearly are a new tie wearing i've spoken to the GW store manager and he has seen the 40K releases for this year, ~when will we learn that GW managers know 2 things about what's going on- jack and shit and TWC weren't there. i know he's not lying to me, because he knows i'm a huge SW fan and really need models like those in my army. maybe next year or something, but the manager said you shouldn't count on it

i'm sorry
Kai-Itza- Like previous posters, I'd agree that the Canis model is not selling that well mainly because of two points:

1). Its metal, so naturally its hard to work with ~do yourself a favor- buy some soap, a pin vise, and some brass rod.  You might change your mind about metal after that

2). Because its metal it is also expensive especially since some people would want to convert them into TWC (I doubt this as there are so many alternatives) ~wait are you doubting your own point?  The fuck man?

3). It's a really really ugly squirrel model ~ahem, I was led to believe there were only two points to be discussed....
realitycheque- I have two thoughts here: ~it better not really be three thoughts, becaues if it is.... ::shakes fists menacingly::

1) Do the sculptors even know when their work is being released? Considering GW doesn't tell most of their staff what's going on beyond the next release I imagine a lot of the current sculture ~?  work is for a vague point in the future. The same point goes for veringmeier's comment, if HO staff don't know the full details of upcoming releases I'd be highly surprised if a lowly store manager did.  ~no fair bringing a sane perspective to this shit storm

2) Assuming this rumour is true, and it did come from a sculptor - does your contact know you're telling the world this? Bearing in mind the lovely legal complications around NDAs (and the fact GW *would* enforce them), I would be HIGHLY surprised if anyone in GW who did know what was what would be willing to risk his or her job telling anyone secrets about upcoming releases. ~well that would hold water if it hadn't happened so many times and GW weren't probably behind the rumor "leaks" that are more credible any way.  If they DON'T know you're spreading the rumours, congratulations on helping them towards their P45. 


Mighty said...

Haha I love the FNIFs thanks for bringing a little humor to my day :)


Alex said...

I told you that I probably wouldn't read the FNIFs unless I was bored as shit at work. I guess I'm either bored as shit a lot, or the feature has grown on me - kinda like a bacterial infection.

Katie Drake said...

Dethtron, the thread I emailed you about on Heresy would've made for far better reading. =(

That being said this is still amusing. Thank you kindly for posting despite your internet troubles.

Von said...

"~seriously people, for the love of all that is unholy, stop signing forum posts. We know who posted for fuck's sake. Your avatar and name are at the top"

After wild, uninformed speculation that's devoid of any credentials, evidence or support beyond "I just dun gon made it up", this is the Internet habit that irks me the most. It isn't magically more respectful. If anything, it displays that the author isn't inclined to attend to the discourse conventions of their surroundings, which is anything but respectful/polite/clever.

Thud said...

Hi guys, Thud here.

I (i.e., Thud) just wanted to let you know that I (i.e., Thud) talked to a guy who's from the same country as the Italian ETC 40k team and he said plastic Thunderwolves are scheduled for a Labor Day release in 2008. He was wearing a blue shirt at the time, so I (i.e., Thud) have no reason to doubt his word.


Katie Drake said...

I almost took that seriously Thud.

Anonymous said...

Wow I can't wait for the new TWC in real plastic... They'll be great in my BA army!

Decent fight... but it was really won in post 3 by Paintmonkey

Anonymous said...

Actually Thunderwolves are being released as a combination of resin, lead, plastic, steel, cardboard and grapes. They are due out shortly after Codex: Squat Homeworlds.

TWC were going to be released as a free model bundled with the swimsuit issue of White Dwarf, but a vast conspiracy of adults marched on Maryland and destroyed most of the state to prevent this, so they could continue to convert Canis models.

The CPT said...

Remember, redshirts say a lot of stupid shit, like how awesome the new Ultramarines Movie trailer looked.