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Sunday, September 12, 2010

2,500 Point Ogre Kingdoms List

It's official- I've been bitten by the fantasy bug.  After getting in a game with my Empire army, I'm really excited about playing more fantasty.  While I like the Empire, it's not a radical departure from the type of army I normally take.  Grab big guns, set up a cheap meat shield of piss poor troops, perhaps throw in some combos and sneakiness, et voila- sit on your ass and throw templates at people all day from the comfort of your own deployment zone.  Let's look at a brief history of armies that I play/played regularly: Mech IG, Semi-mech IG, airborne IG, Protectorate of Menoth (template/combo city!), Empire, and a deep-striking shooty Tyranid list.  Lots of camping and shooting with a shitload of models.  The pattern should be obvious.

With my thoughts of "holy fuck, I can fit over 10 artillery pieces into a list," my Empire army was starting to fall into the paradigm of a normal Dethtron list.  Since ebay was kind to me a while back when I started stocking up on minis and I still love the shit out of blasting suckas with my guns, I will totally be finishing and using the Empire, but I wanted to throw something up to have fun with on the side that wouldn't cost me an arm and a leg.  I've amassed (via OLD stuff I have on hand, Island of Blood, and ebay) quite a Skaven collection.  I'll do something with that eventually, but puttering around with lists has, again, led me to a shooty horde type list.  Looking for something different, I started flipping through the army books that I own-
  • Brettonia- sold all of my original minis from years ago and have no plans to buy them again.  Plus these guys suck right now.
  • Warriors of Chaos- wanted to do an all cavalry/chariot list.  Not really viable in the current edition.  Scrap that.
  • High Elves- meh, elves. 
So that wasn't a very promising start to stepping out of the box.  I thought about other armies like Lizardmen (not a fan of the models/fluff), Vampire Counts (I like the idea of these, but decided to pass), and Dark Elves (something about them just doesn't do it for me) and still came up with nothing.  Then I picked up a copy of the Ogre Kingdoms book, realizing that I'd never played a bruiser army before.  I was hooked instantly.  With bull charge and stomp you can crush the shit out of people.  Add in Ok magic and the general concept of huge guys smashing and running around with a pretty high movement, and I think we've got a winner.

Armed with the book and very limited play experience, I set out on a journey to figure out a good starting point. I settled on the list that follows, which is comprised of the contents of 3 battallion boxes (which are a super value) with only a few parts left over and a limited number of additional purchases necessary.  Seriously, I'll just need a Tyrant, Butcher, and giant as I'm planning on converting the BSB Bruiser out of leftover Iron guts (I'll have an extra 2 dudes).  Here's the list.  Explanations and deployment guide will follow.

Lords 9.64%

Tyrant ogre club, siegebreaker, heavy armor, potion of foolhardiness 241

Heroes 23.8%
Bruiser battle standard, ogre club, heavy armor, ragbanner, iron fist 204

Butcher Wyrdstone Necklace (5+ ward), hand weapon 150

Core 56%
17 Bulls ogre club, crusher, standard bearer, bellower, light armor 696

5 Iron Guts heavy armor, great weapons, gutlord, bellower, standard 290

5 Iron Guts heavy armor, great weapons, gutlord, bellower, standard 290

30 gnoblars hand weapon, sharp stuff, groinbiter 62

30 gnoblars hand weapon, sharp stuff, groinbiter 62

Special 13.2%

3 leadbelchers leadbelcher cannon, light armor 165

3 leadbelchers leadbelcher cannon, light armor 165

Rare 7%
Slavegiant 175
Total: 2,500 points

BSB, a necessity from what I hear, goes into the giant ass block of Ogre Bulls in a 6x3 horde formation, henceforth known as "The Motherfucker." (apologies if the linked video is kind of annoying, but apparently Rollins' people remove most of his stuff from youtube, meaning that a pitchshifted version is the only one that still has an audio track) This unit will be in midfield to give everyone access to the BSB, and at nearly 900 points, I do not want the motherfucker breaking.  The Butcher and Tyrant then go into each of the Iron Gut units.  This should give me a tight enough formation that I can cover everybody with the BSB and the Tyrant's leadership.  The deployment is as follows (units are almost approximately to scale):

The above has the Gnoblars in a 10x3 horde formation to block a maximum of my army from charges.  It should block the charge lane leading to the motherfucker and cover as much of my army's frontage as possible.  It should also be set up to wheel out of the way like a gate to allow the motherfucker to charge and to allow the Iron Guts to go around them just fine.  If it proves impractical, the Gnoblar can be deployed 6x5 or 5x6, as space allows.  The giant can go wherever.
The tactics are simple enough, move forward, smash face, soften up targets with limited shooting, don't let your Ogres get charged, and laugh at the Gnoblars as they are wiped off the board.  With 20 attacks base plus bull charge plus stomp attacks, if the motherfucker charges you, the motherfucker will destroy you.  Primary targets for this would be infantry and cavalry.  Just in case, it has a pair of standards, one being a BSB which lets the unit roll 3 dice and discard one for LD tests, a decent rank bonus, and potential access to the Tyrant's LD the motherfucker shouldn't be breaking any time soon.  Did I mention that the motherfucker breaking would be really bad?
The Ironguts, giant, and Tyrant are in there to deal with monsters, Steam tanks, and the like.  If no such target is available, they should be able to go toe to toe with most units.  The gnoblars prevent the army from getting charged and can potentially tarpit  anything pesky.  The leadbelchers are in there to soften up large infantry blocks and offer supporting charges in the mid to late game.  I know a lot of people don't appreciate these guys, but I think they perform an important role here. 
I'm slightly concerned that I have too many points invested in characters, but felt the need to wedge a butcher in there.  Without him, I'd be taking it in the ass from enemy magic all day long.  Even if he doesn't have access to super exciting spells, the ability to dispel is very important to me.  The Tyrant and Bruiser BSB also seem indispensable.  I really need the LD 9 from the tyrant and you'd be stupid not to grab a BSB for an army of expensive troops that are notorious for breaking out in panic at inopportune moments. 
Well, that's that.  I'd love some comments and thoughts on this.  As I've stated, I have very limited 8th edition experience at the moment, so would love to have any obvious shortcomings pointed out to me, even though this is more of a just for fun list than a super hard tourney list.  I'm also always trying to up my deployment game, so what do you guys think of my proposed deployment?


CounterFett said...

I love the list. You are right, the butcher is vital for dispel. Bsb keeps 'em from running. Only worry would be is the m.f. too big a formation?

Dethtron said...

of course the motherfucker is too big ;p

Chumbalaya said...

Gnoblars are M4, Ogres are M6. That could cause problems.

OKs are gonna suffer against shooty, magic, or anything killy with high I. Looks like fun to play though.

Dethtron said...

@chumbalaya- totally hear you on the movement piece. let's also not forget that the gnoblar are subject to stalling out every turn on a roll of 1.

do you think it would be best to set the motherfucker 2" back from the gnoblar to give some manouvering room and/or arange the gnoblar into deep blocks to guard flanks or just saying screw it and going with it as is?

and yes, this list is all about fun. and smashing and eating people, lol

Anonymous said...

I really like this list Dethtron. A couple of questions.

Since you're running the Tyrant did you consider the Slaughtermaster (instead of the Butcher)? I know you think you have too much into characters, but the dispell bonus will help big time along with spell range (12" vs 6"). Along with this, you can stack our spell now. So OK magic while not devastating (Purple Sun anyone?), can pump up the volume on Bulls to give a devastating blob of +1S +1T Stubborn Regenerating MR(2) unit of Motherfucking DEATH!

Also, just noticed you have two Gnoblars for 1 unit of Bulls. That's a no-no you can have an "unlimited" unit of trappers though.

Sorry to hijack this by the way. I just get all giddy in the pidly when I see posts about Ogres.

Randroid said...

This list is pretty sub par all around

First off - never depend on a Gnoblar! They will screw you over when you need them out of your way... next thing you know your MFR is getting charged and you are losing combats.

I could go on but I don't really feel like dismantling your list.

Things I would consider:
- Rethink your Tyrant build. You can do better for 30pts, and why hamper the one decent WS model you have in your army by making him hit against Ini? No thanks.
- Upgrading your Butcher to a SM; worth it for the +4 to dispel alone.
- Adding IF to your Bulls. This gives you more options and makes your LA actually worth a damn.
- Take a better standard on your BSB. Ragbanner is pretty crappy especially when compared to the Rune Maw. I'd also look to add a big name to him.
- Ditch the extra Ironguts for more Bulls. They are cheaper and with a Bullgorger or two they are almost as good.
- Ditch the Leadbelchers. YUCK. Perhaps you'll need to see these guys on the table to understand just how bad they are. You could have more Bulls instead (the battalion comes with tons of bits you can use to make more characters/bulls/ironguts instead of these - at most I would make 4)

The new issue of the Bellower has a magic item rundown you might want to read:

Dethtron said...

K. Blas: you're totally right, I can't have two gnoblars. I totally misread that in the list entry. I'll work on some changes and post them in a second post early this week.

In regards to your questions I wanted the tyrant over over slaughtermaster as the extra LD is what I really wanted. although with less gnoblar now, I'll probably have the points left for the upgrade

@randroid: thanks for the heads up. I've heard bad things about the leadbelchers, but I wanna try a few out for shits and giggles. who knows, the next book may make them crazy good. But you're right, I'll have enough spare bits to make a ton of different things with the leftovers, so I'll be able to fix the list as I play.

What would you advise for a magic item(s) up to 35 or so points for the tyrant?

Randroid said...

My current Tyrant build is:

Tyrant - Cathayan Longsword, Mawseeker, Greyback Pelt, Glittering Scales (280)

Makes him WS7, Ini 5, -3 to armor saves, -2 to be hit in CC, and T6 to start (with Toothcracker taking him to T7 or more). Tack on 5 wounds and 5 attacks (plus stomp and whatever support attacks you have behind him) and you have one mean sonfabitch.

If I was just going for a magic weapon with no combo I would probably equip him with the Fencer's Blades for the higher WS and +1 attack. Swift Slaying and Gold Sigil Sword would be my lower point choices.

Artaxerxes said...

Leadbelchers are well worth taking, at least in the metagame around here.

These guys are basically a moving Hellblaster and can fire in 2 ranks like all shooting, so have 6 in a 3x2 formation and bring the pain

Hoagy said...

So you are taking the plunge then eh? lol!

Wtf are you going to do with that plastic mountain of Skaven now? Ebay?

islyfe said...

Ogre Battle for the win.