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Friday, September 24, 2010

FNIF: Round 29 Results Show

Looks like we've solved your quandary Brent: it is not ok to use the name of a brutal, genocidal maniac for a screen name.  A scientific poll has now proved it.

This week we had a near record voter turnout with 93 votes.  Brent being Brent, he had links out several places asking for people to vote for him.  It wasn't quite as crazy as the first time Brent got a poll, but it still amuses me to no end.  I think we also got more readers because I kept the fight short too.  Let me know how you guys feel on that.  I know the FNIFcan get kind of long. 

It was a complete fucking blowout in Brent's favor, with he and his faux-hawk receiving a bone-crushing 72% of the vote.  How did the lovable, charming Warboss_Stalin fare, you ask?  Well he didn't get a single vote at all.  Justice.  He did get a 7% share if you count the "not Brent" votes for him, though- a fact that 11% of you guys realized.


Nikephoros said...

I like longer fights. A better bang for my subscription buck.

Brent said...

The only reason it wasn't quite as crazy is 'cause it didn't look like I was going to lose to the evil version of myself.

I watched fairly close though; had the poll started closing the distance, I'd have whore'd myself out all over again.


PS: you took down the poll before I could take a picture of my triumph!

Anonymous said...

Excuse me I voted for Not Brent, not Warboss or Not Warboss.

Anonymous said...

I like the longer fights. It gives me a chance to catch up on my sleep...