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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Return to the Ogre Kingdoms

After a couple people pointed out that my previous Ogre list was illegal and Randroid pointed out that it also sucked, I've made a few changes.  I was able to use better equipment on characters and upgrade my Butcher to a Slaughtermaster while only losing a total of 2 models, both of which are leadbelchers, so probably nothing really lost there anyway ;P  I think the real accomplishment here is that I've resisted the urge to mention Shrek.... shit!

Whatever.  The basic changes were as follows:
  • The Motherfucker stays in as is.  So no changes, I just wanted to remind everyone how awesome a horde of 18 Ogres called the motherfucker is.  Also they got ironfists.  I'm still on the fence about this, as it's a very very expensive upgrade that suffers from diminishing returns like a bastard on a horde unit like this.  That is to say that even though I have to pay for 18 upgrades, only 6 people can use them at any one time if used as an extra HW.
  • Tyrant dropped siegebreaker in exchange for a cathayan longsword and the giantbreaker big name.  Not a bad move- improved WS  and I is never a bad thing, especially when paired with an extra S as well.
  • Condensed 2 units of 3 Leadbelchers into a unit of 4.
  • Upgraded Butcher to Slaughtermaster and also got him a dispel scroll
  • Downgraded a unit of Ironguts to Bulls.  Don't lose much by doing this and save on points big time.  This also makes the 2 units of gnoblar legal
  • Dropped ragsomething banner from the BSB.  Couldn't really find a magic banner that did anything worthwhile, so just going with a mundane BSB.
So here's the revised list.  I probably won't post any further revisions, but as I'm still a total born again virgin with fantasy (wow, that is way awkward out of context), comments, criticism, insults, baseless ad hominim attacks, and high praise are always welcome.

Lords 19.44%

Tyrant ogre club, heavy armor, cathayan longsword, giantbreaker 241

Slaughtermaster Wyrdstone Necklace (5+ ward), hand weapon, dispel scroll 245

Heroes 6.76%
Bruiser battle standard, ogre club, heavy armor, iron fist 169

Core 58%
17 Bulls ogre club, crusher, standard bearer, bellower, light armor, ironfists 781

5 Bulls ogre club, crusher, standard bearer, bellower, light armor, ironfists 255

5 Iron Guts heavy armor, great weapons, gutlord, bellower, standard 290

30 gnoblars hand weapon, sharp stuff, groinbiter 62

30 gnoblars hand weapon, sharp stuff, groinbiter 62

Special 8.8%
4 Leadbelchers 220

Rare 7%
Slavegiant 175

Total 2,500 points


Chumbalaya said...

Dude, Gorgers and Scraplaunchers. Hilarious and useful.

Randroid said...

I think this list could potentially smash face. One thing to consider is the lack of magic weapons will suck against some armies/lists.

I would urge you to drop something from the list to get the 20 points needed for Rune Maw on your BSB. It's like having a 2+ ward save for your entire unit that allows you to shunt IF bs spells on to the nearby Gnoblars.

If I was going to run 4 Leadies I would probably break them into 2 units of 2 and find 20 points to add champions. For this list I would find the 10pts for a bellower as the swift reform is a must for these fat bastards.

For the smaller unit of Bulls I would drop the LA and IF plus the standard - bump them up to 6 models with AHW instead. That gives you 21 attacks plus 3 S5 impact hits plus the 3 stomp attacks in a small frontage of 3x3.

Then I would pile all the character in the MFer. You can always move them out and around in the unit - and with all the command in the front you can leave your BSB or SM in the second rank to make them less likely to die.

Let me think about this a bit ...

Randroid said...

Gotta head off to work but here is what I would do with the models/ideas in your list... some points remain for your Gnoblars or what not.

LORD: (486)
Tyrant - Heavy Armor, Cathayan Longsword, Giantbreaker (241)
Slaughtermaster - Skullmantle, Dispel Scroll (245)

HEROES: (187)
Bruiser - BSB, Rune Maw, Heavy Armor, Cathayan Longsword (187)

CORE: (1235)
Bulls x 17 - Light Armor, Ironfist, Bellower, Standard, Champion (781)
Bulls x 6 - Additional Hand Weapon, Bellower (244)
Ironguts x 4 - Bellower, Standard (210)

SPECIAL: (230)
Leadbelchers x 4 - Bellower (230)

Slavegiant (175)

Total Points: 2,313 (of 2,500)

That leaves you 187pts for Gnoblars and whatever else.

I added the Skullmantle to the SM because I find that the -1 helps a lot for Braingobbler and for Fear tests against that unit in CC.

I would look at maybe getting your Tyrant a ward save or other protection (I usually go with Mawseeker on both my Tyrant and BSB).

I gave the BSB the CLS instead of the IF as the bonuses are just much better overall. If you plan on putting him in the back rank I would probably give him a GW instead for some smashing ability.

Alex said...

The more I think about this list, the more I like - particularly the motherfucker. I'm no Ogre expert, but I like what they can do in 8th.

Anonymous said...

Randroid knows his shit.

My quips:

The Motherfucker is going to be an elephant to obliterate. Just remember to feed the bitch.

One of two things for BSB's (when it comes to the Ogre Kingdoms): Runemaw or some type of Magical Weapon and/or Armor. I personally go with Cathayan Longsword, Talisman of Preservation and Enchanted Shield with Heavy Armor (but I know you're pressed for points so yeah).

One final note: In Battle 4 (Blood and Glory) you have a Breaking Point of 2, and (with Randroid's list) a Fortitude of 5. Now with that big ass Motherfucker you shouldn't have to worry about it too much if you hide the BSB and the Tyrant in it BUT if you get hit by Purple Fuckyou Sun or Final Trasmutation you will have a fun day (then again any one would).

Randroid said...

Nice thing about Rune Maw with the new FAQ rules on the BSB is you can take a big name, other weapon option, and a magic banner. That is pretty damn awesome if you ask me.