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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Dick Move hits 100 Followers- Sporeginae for Everyone!

Hooray for momentous occasions. The impossible, finally appears to have happened- we've hit 100 followers.  Never mind the fact that Strictly Average is about to lap our readership, but fuck it.  Not Brent still wins forever.  Seriously though, thanks to everyone who's still reading this blog.  You're the reason I keep plugging away and dredging up all the shit I can find on forums, blogs, and the like.  We're not even a year into this site and I'm not feeling like giving it up yet, so keep those e-mails about dumb shit you fin coming- they help make my job possible.

In celebration of the day I wanted to share something from Chapterhouse Studios that Width of a Circle shared with me earlier today.  He claims to have already sent me a link to this, but if I'd gotten it, I think I'd remember it.  For starters, I think I would remember somebody named after my favorite Bowie song (although this one is in the running as well and seems somehow more appropriate given the topic at hand).  Second, I think I would remember this monstrosity:

That's right- Fucking Sporegina
 Holy Crap that is- what... what is the word I'm looking for?  Is there something better than vaginal- you know like the female equivalent of phallic; something that would describe every Georgia O'keefe painting ever made, perhaps?  Oh well, somebody grab a thesaurus and let me know.  Now I'm generally a fan of the Chapterhouse studio stuff, but this one is a little much.  Made to represent the Mycetic Spore drop pod, which Tyranids are sorely lacking a model for currently, this thing doesn't even strike me as particularly aerodynamic.  Yes I know it is just supposed to fall out of the sky and spooge out your troops and monsters, but there would probably need to be some kind of stabilization system and oh shit, I'm getting dangerously close to blathering on about reality vs. 40k, one of my pet peeves.  What's really bugging me here is that making a giant vagina troop transport just seems plain old excessive.  This thing is a giant man eating vagina covered in tons of secondary vaginae for Christ's sake.  Fuck, it's even fairly anatomically accurate, I'm even seeing both sets of Labia in there. 

With scads of home-made busty marines and generally low quality and high chest to hip ratio models out there representing women, I think this is just another notch in the old belt of the man who is keeping female kind out of the hobby (mostly).  Whatever, this isn't my fight to fight per se.  I'll leave that up to somebody else to pick up that banner.  Just remember, if you see these dropping on your table- shoot 'em in the clit!


Zheilt said...

Woah, HoP creepy mini contest auto-win.

Congrats on 100!

Loquacious said...


You're welcome.

WidthofaCircle said...


Glad you 'liked' it.... is that the right word?

I sent it to you in an email signed 'Xanadu' about 2 months ago (one of my other alias). I found it when it was announced on BoLs and was puzzled as to what it was...

A remark on 3++ was that it wouldn't look out of place in the Innsmouth Strip Joint.

David Bowie for the win btw.

Hoagy said...

Sweet swinging clitty lips Batman!

Freud would have a fucking field day with this piece of nastiness. Yurgh!

At least Giger could get away with genitalia in a creepy, alien type way. This looks like the base for the model was a fleshlight or something.

Brent said...

Congrats to all the Not Brent Uber Allies. Thanks to you, I cry myself to sleep every night.

To continued success - Dick Move remains one of the most original blogs running.