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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Up Yours Spambots!

Well, it's official- spambots are driving me batshit crazy.  Ever since I took the word verifications off of the comments section, I've been bombarded with spam comments.  They've mostly been on really old posts, but I'm sick of seeing e-mails from blogger about them.  This might not be relevant by the end of the week, with the transition to the new site, but for the time being Word Verification is here to stay.  So I'm sorry if you were interested in meeting local signals, getting a free iPad, learning the secrets of working from home, or buying prescription medications from Chechnya, but you'll have to do all of those things elsewhere.


fester said...

That's it, now I am going to stop following this blog. That's the only reason I stayed around..

Da Masta Cheef said...

'meeting local signals'

Damn it! I was really interested in that!


Yup, word verification seems to be a necessary evil. I (mistakenly) took it off of my blog for less than a week, and in that time my older posts' comments received a barrage of junk 'comments'.

Hoagy said...

I get junk mail thru Wordpress too, but it blocks all that shit. I still look through them though for my own amusement. Strangely enough, the majority of them are replying to my Sisters of Battle fanfiction...

SEE, GW! even spambots like the Inquisition, hurry up and redo the fucking codex already!


Widthofacircle said...

Inspired by your spam contents, I decided to check my spam-filled hotmail address for shiggles - I got this via email yesterday evening:

'Many hellos friend and I would like to talk to you about buying an new iPad for your niece/ nephew/ friend. It is a much appreciated gift to be having and many peoples will be getting one soon. Go to this website to buy your ipads for your niece nephew/ friend www.buyipadsforfriends.com and you shall be buying one.

When I clicked the link, it (unfortunately) didn't work and I was very disappointed (as were my niece/ nephew/ friends). Such a shame, I really wanted to give my card details to illicit foreigners :(.
Also, a really odd group to advertise gifts for.

Oh well, it looks like they'll have to get chocolate like everyone else.